Car Audio

Whether you’re looking to upgrade the sound quality of your factory system, add more bass, or replace your factory speakers, Safe & Sound Installations can provide sound advice and a convenient mobile installation service.  I can install electronic audio and visual equipment in most makes and models, including both Japanese and European vehicles

Head Units

Head unitSafe & Sound Installations can install a new head unit in most vehicles. When we refer to the head unit, we're referring to the stereo in your dash - it's the centrepiece of your sound system. Replacing the head unit is not only the most convenient way to integrate your smartphone or portable player, but it is often also the most affordable as well. Getting a head unit that easily integrates your devices is an easy first step to getting the latest in new car infotainment without having to buy a new car. We can provide sound advice on the best unit to suit your needs and budget.

Smartphone Integration: Bluetooth Hands-Free Calling and Streaming

Nothing to plug in, nothing to connect when you get in the car. The phone rings, the caller's info comes up on the screen and you can accept or reject the call with the push of a button. No more missed calls digging for your phone in a pocket under the seatbelt or getting tickets for holding a phone in your hand while driving. It's just safer. Stream your music from your phone or device wirelessly.

Speaker Replacement

SpeakersMost cars, especially ones manufactured 10+ years ago, don't have the best stereo systems by today's standards. For some time invested and a little cash, you can have a modern mobile entertainment centre in your car.  Replacing factory speakers is a great place to start, and I can replace your front and rear speakers and add tweeters for that true surround sound experience.  I can also source and install dash and door fittings to ensure a high end, factory finish.

Jamie's tip: "Purchase the best quality speakers in your budget. No matter how much you are spending on an amp or a head unit, if you have low-quality speakers, you will get low-quality sound. Speakers come from 1" tweeters to 15"+ subwoofers. Generally, a smaller speaker gives clearer highs and bigger speakers give deeper lows". 



Factory sound systems rarely provide the dramatic and high-quality bass range that comes from having an aftermarket subwoofer.  In most factory systems you're literally missing a large portion of what the artist recorded.

The powerful hit from a kick drum or the low thump of a bass guitar can be lost without a subwoofer.  We can help spec and install the subwoofer of your dreams.