system reverseReversing Cameras

A reversing camera is a special type of video camera with a fish eye lens and distance markers, which is attached to the rear of a vehicle to assist backing up, alleviating the rear blind spot. It is specifically designed to help avoid reversing collisions and is usually connected to a visual display unit; normally the audio head unit. 

Every car has a huge blind spot directly behind, in many cases as far as 15 metres. Sure reversing cameras can help you parallel park and squeeze into tight locations damage-free but the most important point we can make is that these cameras can help save lives.

Safe & Sound Installations can add a reversing camera and display unit to most cars. Typically a new radio is the best display solution since the new screen would be completely integrated, with handy features like Bluetooth hands-free calling and music streaming, smartphone integration and GPS navigation, just to name a few.  

Jamie's tip: "Reversing cameras are one of the best ways to stay safe and some say every bit as important as a seat belt".